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Lablanche & Company is an advisor in strategy for companies and institutions and a designer of high technology software for industry. Our team is made up of engineers, mathematicians and developers.

Lablanche & Company thinks innovation and genius must be developed.


Google hires the best engineers in the world.

Lablanche & Company hires only extraordinary people in order to change our lives.

The first software proposed by Lablanche & Company is the Compressed Sensing Software. It has a large number of military and industry applications for many business sectors, in particular for signal and image compression.



Compressed Sensing is a new sampling and signal reconstruction theory. This theory possesses a large number of military and industrial applications, particularly for signal and image compression, medical imaging, superresolution or confidentiality of data in radars.

CSS is a brick designed to be integrated into a defense system. It is built to be used by the army and intelligence services, to ensure security and confidentiality of important data of large companies, bank accounts. CSS can also be integrated into imaging systems in medical, terahertz and space fields. It also allows to compress a big data into a smaller one. Finally, CSS permits to identify a suspect, an intrusion or a license plate on an unclear picture. The first CSS 1.0 will be followed by other versions 2.0, 3.0. This package originates from our research on compressed sensing.

Example :





Compressed Sensing Software (CSS 1.3)

industrial applications: medical imaging (save patient’s life), space imaging, terahertz imaging, geophysics, radars, obstacle detection, superresolution, security, confidentiality of data (military domain), space mapping, space identification, remote surveillance, image compression, forecasting, big data…

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