algorithm 700 times faster validated by a bailiff’s report

weight of the picture file 15 times smaller than the JPEG format validated by a bailiff’s report

Lablanche & Company proposes a new way to encode information which is going to allow to facilitate data transmission and to increase capacity of computers. Our algorithms of compression and data processing are going to be used in your cameras, smartphones, computers and data centers.

Our technology corresponds to a revolution of compression compared to the JPEG compression.

Lablanche & Company is positioned as the innovative start-up with an international vocation and a technological lead: the Data Google.

We have submitted a patent and therefore we claim a percentage of sales of all the device equipped with compressed sensing at factory level from 2017 (extension of the international patent) to 2037 (patent expiration). The device involves : digital cameras, terahertz imaging cameras, MRI scanners, microscopes. All the entities using compressed sensing – such as private companies and universities – will be obliged to buy Lablanche license to legally profit of its use.